Looking for single-use masks that conformably fit adults and kids? Protector face mask collections protect you and your loved ones despite age and face shape - with 4 sizes available: Child, Junior, Adult (M), and Adult (L):

Child (XS): 12cm x 7cm

Junior (S): 14.5cm x 9.5cm

Adult (M): 16.5cm x 9.5cm

Adult (L): 17.5cm x 9.5cm

Each face mask is individually sealed to remain sterile and hygienic. Let your kids carry a backup Protector disposable face mask with them worry-free.

Designed for the utmost comfort, Protector disposable masks are equipped with easy-fitting ear-loops. Protector ASTM level 3 face mask offer full coverage of the nose and mouth for kids, safe for them to move and breathe freely.

The innermost hypoallergenic layer is soft and gentle on the skin. Our unique design is taking care of adults concerned with "Maskne" skin irritation (acne problem caused by the continuous mask-wearing) in Hong Kong's humid weather. The outer, moisture-proof layer covers the protective mid-layer, ensuring maximum protection even in sweaty weather.

As an established local Hong Kong Mask Brand with 18-years of experience, we strive to continue supporting the community with unbeatable product qualities.

Doctors and healthcare professionals trust Protector mask as a single-use surgical mask for adults. Choose from our 3 vibrant color options - blue, white, and pink to look fresh every single day.

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